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Årstal: 2006 , Lyt her
Tekst af: Mikkel Christensen
Musik af: Mikkel Christensen


Hille Dm 
We are born and  
we grow up,  
Everything is  
Until that disastrous day, Someone knocks you down
Trust and love will be the first, We encounter here
Pain and greed will be the next, The world is complete
They will lie and they will cheat, Deceiving is a game
Learn it quick and play it well, You are on your own


You will choose and you will pick, Something will go wrong

Leave the fact, it’s no mistake, It’s experience
When you are hurt, you survive, That will make you strong
Next time you are hit like that, You will strike back
Try it all, it’s no mistake, Try it in your time
Experience is gold of mind, That will make you rich




In your life you will be, who you choose to be

Rule the world or be suppressed, You make the call
If what you do, does not work, then you ought to change
be to me as I should be to you, That is how to do
Waste your life, it’s yours to waste, all the time in the world
choose your path of life, that’s for you to do